Hey there,
 I'm Moritz, a 20-year-old deeply passionate about analog photography. In a world dominated by digital cameras, I've discovered my calling in film photography. With my trusty film cameras, I capture life's fleeting moments, turning them into timeless memories.
Analog photography isn't just a hobby; it's a consuming passion. I meticulously select films for their unique qualities, and each click of the shutter freezes a moment in time.
I take full control of the analog process, becoming a chemist in my darkroom. There, I develop and scan film, fine-tuning to achieve the desired contrasts, tones, and textures.
But my journey extends beyond scanning. I believe in the tangible aspect of photography and excel in analog printing, crafting each print as a unique piece of art imbued with nostalgia.
When not immersed in photography, I find solace in the kitchen. Cooking and baking, like photography, are my artistic outlets. I experiment with flavors and techniques to create visually pleasing dishes.
My life blends two artistic passions—analog photography and culinary artistry. Whether behind the lens or in the kitchen, my creativity knows no bounds. Through dedication to these timeless arts, I offer visual and gastronomic experiences, preserving a bygone era in our fast-paced digital world. I remind myself and others that beauty is best enjoyed by slowing down and savoring the process.
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